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Family History Books and Family History Memorabilia, Travel Photobooks, Photo Scanning and Restoration

Have you recently finished your family research or life story and are ready to take the next step? Give Getuit Graphics a call now to learn what to do now.


Family history is great information to pass on to your descendants. You could arrange it yourself or if you want your book to look spectacular why not get it professionally designed. You can use all your old photographs and this way you can share them amongst the family or if your game submit the book to a library or to the wider family.

You could even have the family tree printed onto an aluminium, glass/acrylic, or wooden board for displaying in a prominent place or to give as a gift.

What about those holiday photos, wedding photos, or even family photos they too would look great in a custom made coffee table photobook, something to show off to visitors.

Well, now’s the time to get to it! Why not let Getuit Graphics help save your memories in a manner that can be shared.

See below what options Getuit Graphics has available to you!

Family History Books


Family history is becoming more and more popular with many wanting to pass on stories to others, books are a great way of accomplishing this. Having the book designed by a professional makes the book even more impressive and it can be done for an affordable price.

Available in various sizes from 20cm x 20cm to 30cm x 30cm or A5 to A3 sizes in Soft cover, Hard cover, Portrait or Landscape. Prices

Coffee Table Photoooks


Photobooks are a great talking point and a good way to present your favourite photos and they make a fantastic gift.
Available in various sizes from 20cm x 20cm to 30cm x 30cm or A5 to A3 sizes in Soft cover, Hard cover, Portrait or Landscape. Prices.

Custom Canvases

Custom Canvases

Custom canvases are a good way to show your family tree or perhaps a collage of your heirloom photos.

Available in many sizes - Rectangle 20cm x 30cm to 90cm x 135cm; Square 30cm x 30cm to 60cm x 60cm; Panorama 20cm x 60cm to 40cm x 120cm, there are a few sizes. Prices

Aluminium or Glass Prints

Alluminium or Glass Prints

Your Family Tree could also be printed onto Aluminium, Acrylic, wood or Glass for a spectacular look. These prints add that extra touch of class.

Available in various sizes - Rectangle, Square and Panorama. Prices

Heirloom Photo & Document Restoration

Perhaps you have an old heirloom photo of Great Grandma or Grandpa or another special photo that you would like to have copied and restored. Photo restoration preserves the longevity of the image. Prices

Heirloom Photo Restoration
Before Restoration
Heirloom Photo RestorationAfter Restoration

Some documents can also be restored to a legible state which makes them presentable for publication. Prices

Heirloom Photo Restoration
Before Restoration
Heirloom Photo Restoration
After Restoration

Photograph Scanning

Have your photos scanned onto a USB thumbdrive or DVD/CD so you can present them on a television or computer.

Other Services

Getuit Graphics also provides other Graphic Design Services as well. Also available:

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